Crowdfunding sites…

Sites for cause and activism:
Their cut: Nothing. Causes runs on ad revenue. A 4% transaction fee still applies.
Perks: Free analytics to perfect your campaign along the way.
Caveats: Must be a registered 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) to fundraise on Causes.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Keep what you raise.
Their cut: Crowdrise takes 5%, plus 2.9% transaction fees.
Perks: Donors don’t need to make an account in order to contribute to your campaign. Two campaign types: individual or non-profit.
Caveats: Page design options for the free version are limited.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Keep what you raise.
Their cut: Choose from three pricing tiers, depending on how many projects you want to run at once. The basic plan for a single project has no monthly fee, but Fundly takes a 4.9% cut for donations up to $50,000, plus 3% transaction fees.
Perks: Helpful guides and tutorials are automatically sent to you at each step of your campaign.
Caveats: Every project must have a video and a photo gallery.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Keep what you raise.
Their cut: 5% for a successful campaign, plus 3% transaction fees.
Perks: A member of their team will be assigned to your campaign and act as your personal guide, providing advice and resources at each step.
Caveats: Projects must have a positive social impact, and need to be approved before they’re posted to the site.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Yes.
Their cut: Nothing. YouCaring is supported entirely by donations, just like the campaigns it hosts. 3% transaction fees do apply.
Perks: Funds are available in your account as soon as they’re donated.
Caveats: Once you post an update, you can’t edit it.
All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Keep what you raise.

StayClassy (For Non-Profits, Charitable Causes, and Social Activists)
Their cut: Varying subscription plans: $99/month with a 4% project fee, or $499/month with a 2% project fee, plus standard transaction fee of 2.2% + $0.30 per donation.
Perks: Use the DonateDouble feature to take advantage of corporate donation-matching programs.
Caveats: This site is meant for long-term fundraising, not time-sensitive or one-off projects
All-or-nothing?: Keep what you raise.

Their cut: 4% fee, plus 3.5% transaction fees.
Perks: Join the Pubslush Prep program for helpful resources, and take advantage of market analytics.
Caveats: Literary projects only.

All-or-nothing fundraising goals? Yes

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