More for “Democracy and the Food Supply” Chapter…

A guy I never heard of and discovered through Uncle Wendell surfing: and download his free ebook to read and find some of his “Creative Personal Essays” to hopefully learn from and be inspired by… some good links are on about the conference Wendell Berry, Scott Russel Sanders, and Wes Jackson were all at in Indiana way way back in 2010… Counterpunch and In These Times are two Magazine-Web Sites to keep mining for a little less mainstream view of what the progressive Democracy agenda must insist on beyond Populist pandering in Election years and then triangulating back to what is good for the oligarchy once participating in the Money Coup’s conception of “Democracy” of by and for the Trans Sovereign Neo Liberal Corporate structures that roam and rule the world, wherever there is double digit returns to be reaped for their largest shareholders,,,

“TPH: Libraries are under fire these days.

WB: Of course they are. Everything worthy is under fire.”

WB: These things you mentioned are gifts. Whether you’re an atheist or a religious person you have to see that they are gifts in the sense in that we couldn’t have made them. And they are moreover good gifts to the extent that they’ve allowed us to live and be healthy—to the extent that pollution and degradation permit us still to be healthy. But the atmosphere, the earth, the water and the water cycle – those things are good gifts. The ecosystems, the ecosphere, those are good gifts. We have to regard them as gifts because we couldn’t make them. We have to regard them as good gifts because we couldn’t live without them. And we are extraordinarily guilty, industrial society as a whole, is guilty of not receiving them as good gifts or respecting them as gifts, but instead degrading and wasting and destroying them. We are, in the midst of all this goodness, destroying the world.

TPH: Many people who seem to have a contrary nature want to argue that point, saying it’s sunspots or you can’t say that the temperature fluctuations we’ve seen over the past 50 years are anything attributable to human beings.

WB: Well, the destruction of the mixed-mesophytic forest of the Cumberland plateau by mountain top removal is not the results of sunspots. Pollution of the whole water cycle is not the result of sunspots. Sunspots didn’t make acid rain and they didn’t pollute the rivers. And they didn’t cause soil erosion. To try to blame it on sunspots is colossal ignorance.

TPH: Well, ignorance seems to be gaining some currency in the culture these days.

WB: Of course we’re all ignorant by definition. But to brag about it is a perversity.

TPH: But this ignorance is also being used as the basis for making public policy.

WB: That means that people are taking other people’s ignorance for granted and then abusing them in their ignorance. If you are a crook, then other people’s ignorance or innocence is your stock in trade. It takes the lowest depravity to make a stock in trade of other people’s weaknesses.

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