Memail trolling for the ages…

“Now, instead of just daydreaming, drunk on the couch, about wonderful things I would do, I do wonderful things”

A John Oliver video segment on standardized testing…

and then this great and insightful comment:
Rosemarie Balog Mamaghania day ago

John Oliver forgot to mention that Neil Bush (GW’s brother) made millions selling learning aids to prepare kids for the No Child Left Behind Act standardized exams through his company, Ignite! Learning, Federal law conveniently allowed school districts to use federal funds to purchase these learning aids.

And another great link a promotional page for Robert Scheer’s book…

“Life in the digital age poses an unprecedented challenge to our constitutional liberties, which guarantee a wall of privacy between the individual and the government. The basic assumption of democracy requires the ability of the individual to experiment with ideas and associations within a protected zone, as secured by the Constitution. The unobserved moment embodies the most basic of human rights, yet it is being squandered in the name of national security and consumer convenience.

Robert Scheer argues that the information revolution, while a source of public enlightenment, contains the seeds of freedom’s destruction in the form of a surveillance state that exceeds the wildest dream of the most ingenious dictator. The technology of surveillance, unless vigorously resisted, represents an existential threat to the liberation of the human spirit.”

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