For the “Citizens Candidacies” Chapter…

…More and more, I like the ideas of "Citizen Candidates" in as many Congressional Districts as possible as soon as possible being a sort of a vanguard for another "Party", a "p’BD’DiA" party that speaks all of the truth possible to all of the corruption that is not just creating a "Money Coup" within our supposed Democratic system of governance but which is robbing the vast majority of us of the basic inalienable rights that are, in theory anyway, the backbone of ideals at the heart of our whole "exceptional " American Experiment. It is time for "We the people…" to act to change that. If each congressional district had a viable "EPGTDS" styled candidate that brought attention not just to the lies of the right and the feckless complicity and appeasement of most of the mainstream "Blue" centrist "DNC" Wall Street Democrats (and Bill, Hill, and Bary are all among that group)…
But that also directed attention to the possibilities of a different "path with heart" into our collective futures that a truly progressive, populist, deeply Democratic platform could advocate delivering on regarding the great issues of our time then perhaps "what is politically feasible" could begin to tilt in the direction of the interests and well being of the vast majority of American citizens. Because that is what not just our government, but our legally charted non human corporations and overall economic system should be tuned and geared and programmed to serve.
That Progressive Populist Platform and Agenda is what I hope to produce as my prototype "Citizen Candidacy" takes shape and evolves toward election day, 2016…

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