Why Elizabeth Warren of someone like her should run in 2016…

…this is a link to her speech of a few days ago on the need for Banking regulation and financial reform…http://billmoyers.com/2015/04/18/elizabeth-warren-speech/

She needs to challenge Hillary in the primaries and make sure the deep progressive ideas of the “real Democrats” out there are forged into the 2016 Democratic Party platform, even if the Clintons are returned to power as expected. There is no excuse to not have a legitimate progressive voice out there barnstorming and dragging the mainstream Democratic poseur party kicking and screaming toward calling for the kind of policy and reform that would actually make them the party of “We the people..” that legitimately fights for real against the GOP, the party best described as “We the lackies, shills, and sycophant kneepad Torie handmaids” to all things good and desired by the interests and supremacy of concentrated wealth and power.

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