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…about the need for a “pro ‘Big D’ Democracy in America” movement…




This is a must read and do further research on the Trans Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement that is being fast tracked by it seems everybody to get it past a kept in the dark public… Obama is for it, Hillary is for it, Jeb Bush is for it, most Repubes in Congress are for it- hmmm, sounds like more “bipartisan reaching across the aisle” nightmarish consequences for the vast majority of America’s brought to you by the knee pad sycophant lackeys of the trans sovereign trans global corporate cartels that are roaming the earth seeking various strip mining for double digit profit profit opportunities at the expense of any living or non living critter or thing on the whole damned planet, even the planet itself. But that’s O.K., technology, innovation, and the invisible hand of the so called free market will clone us a new planet or two when the time comes that we need `em.


Again, this is a cornerstone of what Citizen Candidacies and a pro Democracy movement have to organize and mobilize against…

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