NAFTA Chapter 11 consequences and impacts…

“The pervasive threat of investor-state challenge under NAFTA chapter 11 puts a chill on public interest regulation. Current trends will only worsen unless political and legal action is taken.”

“Meanwhile the Council of Canadians challenges the legitimacy of NAFTA’s notorious Chapter 11 investor state dispute mechanism noting that some countries are choosing to remove the highly contentious clause from their free trade agreements. e.g. The Australian government under Julia Gillard decided this year not to include investor-state dispute settlement in its bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements. At the same time governments in Ecuador and elsewhere in Latin America are also cancelling bilateral investment treaties with developed countries because of the way foreign firms, including Canadian resource companies, use them to challenge environmental and development-related policy.”

Posted in Money Coup; Political Economy; Grotesque Inequality; New Gilded Age

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