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David Akadjian is the author of The Little Book of Revolution: A Distributive Strategy for Democracy. It is not available through allbookstores.com and there is no preview in googlebooks. So follow this link http://akadjian.com/ to the author’s website-blog and see if you want to buy it…

“If you want to build a big movement, pick a big fight.” – Derek Cressman

The authors statement on googlebooks…

The direction of change in the United States over the past 40-50 years has been decidedly in favor of wealthy individuals and corporate special-interest groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. These groups have influenced government to lower the cost of labor, to cut their share of payment to our country, and to establish monopoly-like conditions for certain industries. For all practical purposes, the government of the United States no longer acts in the interests of the people of our country. Is the situation hopeless? No. But the game has tilted heavily in favor of money and corporate interests. How do we win back representation? How do we reclaim democracy? How do we shift the direction of change in the face of this tremendous money disadvantage? The answer, I believe, lies in our strengths: our numbers, our values, and our story. Trying to do it all at once, however, can appear daunting and even overwhelming. The question I hear most often is: What can I do? I wanted to focus on this very basic question. This question indicates both a feeling of helplessness and a very real desire to help, to contribute in a meaningful way. But how? How do we create an environment for change? What strategies would work best given the marketing of corporate special interests? What things can people do to help shift the landscape?This book focuses on several simple and practical steps that, if taken by enough people, would create a system for change—a way to make the seemingly impossible task of restoring democracy possible.

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