After watching Citizen Four…

…I and others should probably check out is the youtube link to "The Internet’s Own Boy"- the film about Aaron Swartz being hounded into eventual suicide by the likes of those who want to prosecute Ed Snowden as a traitor when he should be honored and feted and ultimately become a Citizen Candidate to the U.S. Congress where he could fight back against the misinformation campaign of the secret governmental oligarchs who want to keep the general public in the dark, afraid, and bamboozled about what the purpose of most of their secrets is really about… It’s too late to help this kid, but we should start a "We are Ed Snowden" campaign of support for all the brave whistleblowers up to now and on into the future who stand up to the bullying nature of raw, secretive power and their poser patriot minions in the political realm.

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