There needs to be a whole chapter on rewriting Corporate Law in general…

…and the notion of corporations as being equally protected as “citizens” as their human brethren ought to be… but of course,as Mitch Romney explained, corporations are people, too. And thanks to much agreement from the Supreme Court of the United States for pert near a century and a half now, Mitch is right. But of course he is my dear. Anyway, Brandon L Garrett’s Too Big to Jail How Prosecutors Compromise with Corporations deserves a look. Again, as usual, buy it at read the preview at
The section that in the book starts on page 20 about Andersen and Enron reads like nostalgia for a simpler, more wholesome time. And it stands out as perhaps the big cowbell at the dinner table trying to tell us that this kind of shit in modern capitalism is the rule, not the exception, especially the higher you go up the good old boy food chain. But hey, that’s how the world works, how things get done… or not done, of course.

Posted in Uniting Against Citizens United & Getting Money Out of Politics

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