Toward a New, Fully Inclusive, Democratic Progressive Populist Movement in the U.S.A….

…An alliance of what groups, people, organizations? Anti globalization with their "Free Trade Agreements" that in effect protect the corporate extractive profit seeking rights of a tiny wealthy segment of the worlds people at the expense of the fundamental human rights and "opportunity structures" of vast numbers of people in both the wealthier developed societies and the less developed third world. Not to mention the environment, the planet itself, the very creation.

The global justice movement is a transnational social movement rooted in the confluence of the human rights, labor, environmental, indigenous, peasant, and feminist movements‘ shared opposition to neoliberal globalization and vision … In response, global justice activists stress the importance of strengthening democracy.

Global labor movement in response to Neo Liberal Globalization
Gets lots of stuff to review for this chapter…

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