Obviously this issue is gaining momentum…

“Marijuana Policy Project and Vote Hemp are two organizations that are working tirelessly with the public and our lawmakers to change the laws and regulations surrounding cannabis. To learn more about how these groups are making a difference and to help get involved, connect with them atwww.mpp.org and www.VoteHemp.com.”

From http://www.commondreams.org/views/2015/01/14/cannabis-americas-common-sense-crops
Published on
Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Cannabis Americas Common Sense Crops

Jim Hightower

…but it’s important that we don’t stop at just decriminalizing marijuana. The “War on Drugs” budget should be converted to, among other things, a war on “drug profits” and a war on the “Prison Industrial Complex”. But the wholesale warehousing of huge segments of the population will continue to occur if there is not a movement toward systemic changes in the economy. People with reasonable access to meaningful work at a living wage are much more likely to make choices that move their lives and their families toward better futures, rather than the joint and antisocial dysfunctional behavior patterns. Full employment should be the goal of all policy decisions involving drugs, money, education, health care et. al. ad nauseum.

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