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The oil price drop and the stupid and unsustainable economy… Advertisements

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Education in the crosshairs of double digit return addicts…

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A Howard Zinn essay from the Nation… A People’s Constitution: Some Truths Are Not Self-Evident by HOWARD ZINN The Nation, August 1, 1987, volume 245, pp. 87-88 This year Americans are talking about the Constitutionbut asking the wrong questions, such as, Could the Founding Fathers have

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A Quote From Greg Palast, the author of “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy”…

“America is lost in a gnarled thicket of bought politicos, corporate con men, and media hucksters.  But we’re lucky: (Francis Moore) Lappe (in her book Democracy’s Edge) has drawn the map that will get us out alive.  Read it and

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A tribute link to and article by Molly Ivins one of the great voices of progressive Democracy…

…that rings jut as true now, though the times have proceeded and Citizens United has transmorgrified, somehow, Jack Abramoff into one of the good guys, a guy with integrity, a guy who really cares. I wish you were still with

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A book that talks about what I am trying to make a call to fellow citizens to do…

This book really seems to be one worth reading. If interested try the google preview. He seems to be speaking of something much like I am trying to envision, describe, and call for when I talk about a “pBDDiA”

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Some pro Democracy finds and possible contacts…

Here are some links to some articles about the growth of worker-owned enterprises in Cleveland:,8599,1947313,00.html And here is perhaps the next book for me to find and read… and here is the

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Basic stuff about the Democrats, Wall Street, and what “We the people…”-

… are up against. By Robert Reich. A nice quote/excerpt:”Just because a candidate takes Wall Street money doesn’t mean he or she is beholden to the Street. But the reason Democrats have pulled their punches with the financial sector

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An article for the ages…

…on the marriage between the southern strategy’s success, and the reactionary fossil fuel industry’s determination to continue to have it’s profits and wealth continue to be subsidized not only by all of the rest of us bozos here and now

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Bernie Sanders plan for a true Progressive Economic Agenda…

…would be a good place to start to identify what the “pBDDiA” movement needs to advocate for and organize toward. Sanders detailed a 12-point economic program at : * Invest in our crumbling infrastructure with a major program to

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