Original Content on Citizen Candidates and their tiny support staff as the Newfangled Pro Democracy Freedom Riders…

So maybe that’s where this leads. A small group of organized, trained, idealistic, committed pro Democracy activists- but not just one such group, many… say one for every Congressional District in this country, so 435 groups of this kind to start the work I am proposing. And they go to the reddest of the Congressional districts first, because, to be blunt, the pro Democracy agenda may need strengthening and better coordination everywhere but it’s not like taking the message to Berkeley, or Ithaca, or Boulder, or Ann Arbor, or Asheville- or even Surf City is what we need to really make some kind of a difference.So they go to the Red Districts, in groups of seven, I’m thinking, and they set up shop… Now, who these teams of seven are and what their respective goals and roles will be is where this whole thing has to go.

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