A Nice Little Article About Maybe Doing Things Just a Wee Bit Differently…


Of Course, this is directed at millenials. But it applies to all of us bozos on this bus heading for nowhere but more intermittent crashes that lo and behold will transfer even more wealth, power, and privilege to the upper sectors of the Economy- and out of, of course, the hides of everyone else.The demographics for a “New Democracy” that might make such approaches possible are quite simple: after you figure the 1%er’s and the 30% or so of the population that does quite nicely in their gamed, rigged, liar’s poker,casino economy… after that group is accounted for there is the remaining 70% We just have to articulate a “Big ‘D’ Democracy in America Movement” agenda that those folks could pretty comfortably unite around, and go forth to the many states and jurisdictions and recruit candidates- let’s call them “citizen Candidates” to run for every kind of office at every kind of level espousing this “Big D” Democracy agenda. Eventually it should overcome all the money trying to hold the line for the reactionary right’s ongoing “Grand Hoodwinking” of the American electorate. One can hope. We all can will it into being, just by actually living the Democratic Dream.
Now would be a good time.

Posted in Money Coup; Political Economy; Grotesque Inequality; New Gilded Age

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