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Original Content on Citizen Candidates and their tiny support staff as the Newfangled Pro Democracy Freedom Riders…

So maybe that’s where this leads. A small group of organized, trained, idealistic, committed pro Democracy activists- but not just one such group, many… say one for every Congressional District in this country, so 435 groups of this kind to

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A great discussion on the state of “Our Democracy”…

I am just going to put all the links in to this and comment here and there.  Ultimately this is an exchange between Chris Hedges and Sheldon Wolin, a retired Princeton professor. Reading these chapters (1&2 of 8) leads

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A Nice Little Article About Maybe Doing Things Just a Wee Bit Differently… Of Course, this is directed at millenials. But it applies to all of us bozos on this bus heading for nowhere but more intermittent crashes that lo and behold will transfer even more wealth, power, and privilege to the

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A Very Good NYTimes Op-Ed piece… byThomas B. Edsall about the power of the right in the states and how it’s being exercised in a life or death manner while the progressive left seems to have no similar focus, organization, or passion. There is a

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FEC document link that might help empower pro Democracy movement… …pp.53-54 explain how Candidates can legally be paid a salary from their campaign committee funds. This is a key to promoting citizen candidacies of and by people who otherwise might not ever consider or be able to enter the

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