“Constitutional Amendment Conferences and Conventions”…

…these Conferences or conventions, which could and should be held in virtually every Congressional District in America, will address the many issues that are already subverting the Democratic power and control that most citizens in the United States can assert over the larger forces that shape their lives.  Such Conferences are what a pro Democracy in America movement is all about, and the fact is our crisis is already so dire that nothing short of a series of amendments to the Constitution might be the only realistic way to make  possible the reassertion of Democratic control of, by, and for the American people over their own country, government, economy- in short of their very own lives and freedom.

The current overall state of our “business and politics as usual” with its ridiculous gridlock (and remember, Wall Street loves gridlock), bipartisan incumbency fiefdoms, elections driven by fundraising derbies, and the apparent ignorant obliviousness of the oligarchic status quo toward what is happening to our country and the quality of lives of far too many of its citizens- this is what these “Constitutional amendment conferences” need to address.

Therefore what is proposed here is an ongoing series of “Constitutional Amendment Conferences and Conventions” around the country, ideally in every Congressional District, to address issues that perhaps can only be confronted by such an historic approach to the crisis at hand in our Democracy.  Among these are:

  • Uniting Citizens Against Citizens United…Money Out Of Politics…
  • Addressing the issue and legality of Corporate Personhood in such a manner that we banish that concept from our consciousness forever…
  • The defacto “One Party System” and its devastations to “Our Democracy”
  • Gerrymandering away the Democratic rights of the citizens… voter repression by the right, the weakening of voter rights laws…
  • Any and all considerations of how our Democracy, Society and Economy can me made more just, fair, transparent, and more of an egalitarian meritocracy…
  • And many, many more that will be incorporated into this list and this “Post Category” as I slog 0n through to making this blog a more fleshed out reality.


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