TofC: : Posts on Major Issues

Preface-  Ultimately this Blog is Going to Evolve First into an E Book and ultimately, a traditional “Fat Masterpiece” styled regular book, the kind that most people don’t read anymore.

Chapter One-  Citizen Candidacies… Oh Yeah, Including My Own–  Posts about how non traditional “Citizen Candidates” can be a big part of a broad “Big ‘D’ Democracy in America” movement… along with content on the need, perhaps, for Constitutional Amendment Conferences and Conventions-  These proposed methods of activist engagement could be crucial to the future of Democracy in America and in tandem might be the best organized way for “We the people…” to “reclaim our American Democracy” from the “money coup” that has hijacked it from the many on behalf of the fewer and fewer who benefit most from our current “business and politics as usual”.

Chapter Three-  It’s the Economy, Stupid… Or Vice Versa–   Posts on how the “Savagely Unequal” Distribution of Wealth in the U.S. (and hence power, opportunity and outcome) is at the root of pretty much all of the challenges we are faced with as a society, Nation, and free people… related posts on the not so new “New Gilded Age”, the Cult of the Overprivileged, and the numbing dehumanization of runaway capitalist acquisitiveness.

Insert Tax Reform, a New Issue Category-Page-Chapter-Sub Blog:  Re-Democratizing the Tax Code

Insert New Issue Sub Blog- Calling for a New Labor Movement, in the form of a Progressive Pro Democracy Party (perhaps in the form of a majorly re-oriented “Democratic Party” that actually lives up to its name and stops just being the “Re-Pube Light” Party that does its best to chase the Hard right far enough right to secure enough funding from the Billionaire Oligarch Funding Club to maintain their dwindling turf and fortune building career niches for as long as possible… to the detriment of everyone who works for a living and has to live in the increasingly precarious society that such outrageously policy and “governance” leaves us all to cope with.

Chapter Six- The Military Industrial Complex, the Reactionary Right, and the Neocons–  Content on how these along with the all Volunteer Military create an ongoing entrenched system of consequences dating all the way back to when “The Great Depression” was followed quickly by mammoth World War Two Keynesian styled deficit spending that, in somewhat chronological but still no particular order: Ended the Depression, Won the War, and strengthened a (mostly) “Pentagon Procurement” system of a planned economy that thrived on, perhaps even needed to create, a state of perpetual warfare- whether Cold, Hot, Proxy, or “On Tare”.

Chapter Seven-  Moving Toward a Department of Peace – Posts on how a new set of priorities and ideas, including re-instituting a New Kind of “Universal Service” Draft that can be part of how we address many issues, among them: (1) our twisted system of funding education at all levels; and (2) the separate-ness of the Military from the overall society and culture- always a red flag to Democracy and Freedom.


Chapter Five-  Toward Universal A Single Payer Not For Profit Health Care System–  Posts that make the case that “Single Payer Universal Not For Profit” health insurance and care is a central, core, fundamental plank in this overall platform that calls for the fundamental re-Democratization of American Politics, Economics, and society as a whole.

Chapter Four-  Democracy and the Food Supply–  Content on how issues of land use, the environment. the “commons” notions on public and private “wealth”,  and all of our “freedoms” come back to this complex topic…

Chapter Eight-  Proposing A Brand New (Green) “New Deal”   -Content advocating a new balance between the public and private sectors that helps unleash the American energy, spirit, and know how to do the “Great and Necessary Work” of our era that is ours to do rather than stand in the way of just to perpetuate an old unsustainable model that benefits fewer and fewer of us all the time.

Appendix A-  Resources Links, People and .orgs etc. To contact…






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